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CITA 495 Final Written Report Spring 2017

Here's the final written report in pdf, feel free to read it! there might be grammatical errors and i apologize for it! CITA495finalwrittenreport

4/12 – 4/14 updates

4/12 im continuing my off site school project at home and installing the final led wiring on my second gundam. in this diorama project, ill be using 2 gundams instead of 3 due to the wires that i have are... Continue Reading →

For LianaMae~

Here are some of my recommended mangas for you, ill be adding more but here are some for now ❤ completed mangas: hibi chouchou i honestly enjoyed this manga since it was something refreshing and realistic. parang high school romance... Continue Reading →

4/3 – 4/10 updates

4/3 trying to figure out why my series circuit isnt working while it was working the other time when i installed it; going to take a look at it again. 4/5 - 4/9 i found the problem with my circuit,... Continue Reading →

3/20 – 3/30 updates

3/20 I've met up with my art mentor last friday, Jarod Charzewski. We've talked about the recap of what we'v discussed last semester. after he remembered what my project was like, i showed him my coded processing + arduino +... Continue Reading →

feb 20 and feb 23 updates

2/20 this weekend ive been looking around like which one is much more efficient: parallel or series circuit (picture shown below) ive been looking also for ways how to connect them together without soldering as a last resort. then miraculously... Continue Reading →

feb 15 update

watching youtube videos which resistors will be the best one to handle multiple LEDs. also been watching tutorials how to install LEDs.

february 8 update

hello everyone what's up; this is basically my presentation later on in class. i did a major turn around with my project where i'm going to abandon ship with the 'ethernet' part of the arduino and go to my second... Continue Reading →

February 2 update

guys, good news. i rode the bus today since i didnt drive and i had to beat traffic when i got to goose creek. i had 10 minutes from point a to b. i made it in time. it's about... Continue Reading →

January 30 update

Task 3: Look up diorama ideas 1 - 2 days (done) Task 4: Building & designing the diorama 3 weeks (in progress) Task 5: Building the Gundams (3x) 3 days (in progress) Ive finished task 3 as I have an... Continue Reading →

november 21 CITA project update

exploring the tool kit and programming language for arduino. make technical paper make sure you know how much it will consume of your time tinker more in the technical stuff turning on/off button of the led prototype int button = 2; int led... Continue Reading →

practice InDesign

we did some practice InDesign for my class and I've come up with some basic designs for fun.

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