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Final 495 Capstone Project Presentation

Final Capstone Project

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CITA 495 final written report

Lia Muriel Belarmino Martinez ( ) CITA 495 Capstone Spring | Dr. William Bares | CITA 495 Final Written Report | 2 May 2017 Gundam Diorama + Arduino and LEDs Introduction When I changed my major from Civil Engineering... Continue Reading →

CITA 495 Final Written Report Spring 2017

Here's the final written report in pdf, feel free to read it! there might be grammatical errors and i apologize for it! CITA495finalwrittenreport

4/12 – 4/14 updates

4/12 im continuing my off site school project at home and installing the final led wiring on my second gundam. in this diorama project, ill be using 2 gundams instead of 3 due to the wires that i have are... Continue Reading →

Protected: For LianaMae~

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

4/3 – 4/10 updates

4/3 trying to figure out why my series circuit isnt working while it was working the other time when i installed it; going to take a look at it again. 4/5 - 4/9 i found the problem with my circuit,... Continue Reading →

3/20 – 3/30 updates

3/20 I've met up with my art mentor last friday, Jarod Charzewski. We've talked about the recap of what we'v discussed last semester. after he remembered what my project was like, i showed him my coded processing + arduino +... Continue Reading →

feb 20 and feb 23 updates

2/20 this weekend ive been looking around like which one is much more efficient: parallel or series circuit (picture shown below) ive been looking also for ways how to connect them together without soldering as a last resort. then miraculously... Continue Reading →

feb 15 update

watching youtube videos which resistors will be the best one to handle multiple LEDs. also been watching tutorials how to install LEDs.

february 8 update

hello everyone what's up; this is basically my presentation later on in class. i did a major turn around with my project where i'm going to abandon ship with the 'ethernet' part of the arduino and go to my second... Continue Reading →

February 2 update

guys, good news. i rode the bus today since i didnt drive and i had to beat traffic when i got to goose creek. i had 10 minutes from point a to b. i made it in time. it's about... Continue Reading →

January 30 update

Task 3: Look up diorama ideas 1 - 2 days (done) Task 4: Building & designing the diorama 3 weeks (in progress) Task 5: Building the Gundams (3x) 3 days (in progress) Ive finished task 3 as I have an... Continue Reading →

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