Sketch out in more detail one of your ideas by answering these questions:

1) Briefly summarize what it would do and how people interact it (if it is interactive).  You may include Web links to sample images or videos.


i cant really choose which one, so i just added both of them here.


a. i was thinking ideas where it corporates light and movement. using a projector and an ipad, ill have a user draw something like a smiley face or random lines and it would send to a big canvas through a projector and we would see their drawing in there floating in random spaces. and once it’s projected in the canvas, the users can go in front of it and wave their hand or move around it as the objects will move in different or certain directions.




b. another idea is using a VR and doing a scenery type of environment to soothe people’s feelings where it actually make them feel calm or at awe, they look around, but moving in the VR is not permitted. it’s like watching a movie 360 basically. i was thinking more of a galaxy type of scenery.
i got the idea when i was playing final fantasy as a child back in 2005 and up until now, that scene always makes me feel like i could do something artistic about it.


2) What aspects of computer technology and programming are invovled?  For example, user interface and image processing.  Map route finding algorithm, etc.


a & b. there will be image processing because they’re going to find where the user’s figure is going to be and finding/random algorithms (dont really know much about algorithms in depth but i guess to generate different type of shapes for structures and formations).


3) How does the project exhibit an integrated and meaningful expression of a form of art.  Would it draw upon historical schools/genres of art?  If so, then give a few examples.   Would it represent a new form of art?  Cite a few similar art works or performance art.


a. this one is pretty generic since people have done this project before but i want to go in depth and add a little different to the style and probably add more interaction with it where you can use kinect to move the drawn things in the big canvas. but the user has more freedom to draw whatever they want on the ipad to show to other users since it has some interaction.


b. it would not be a new form of art since people have done a 360 VR short movie before but it show the beauty of space and how vast and big our galaxy is.
4) What new coding languages or technologies would you need to learn?


a. but for kinect, i can use processing as my ide and basically it’s more java based programming.


b. then for VR, maybe unity, c#, and some 3D software like maya or blender.
5) What specialized equipment or software does the project require?


it would probably need kinect and projector for motion, VR, iPad, and my laptop will be suffice.


might not be my final idea though.