1) Is the idea well-defined and bounded so that it can be completed in your 495 semester? Briefly summarize exactly what it would do and how people would interact it (if it is interactive). You may include Web links to sample images or videos to better illustrate.

my second idea resorts to something i’m really familiar with and also dealing with lights. I’ve always take collecting gundams and building as a hobby but i’ve always viewed it as an art. making one takes time and dedication. with that, people take it to another level by customizing them. customizing them involves repainting, re-lining, dioramas, and adding LED light effects on it.

in this project, people can interact with it by changing the LED light with a touch of a button or pressing down a key on the keyboard.

i’ve never dealt with putting LEDs on my gundams before but i will take this opportunity to tackle and explore it.

the project can/might be achieved and completed in my 495 semester.

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2) What aspects of computer technology and programming are invovled? For example, user interface and image processing, map route finding algorithm, etc. Coding must be involved at a junior / senior level. You can borrow existing libraries / SDKs to help do more complex work, but you must still write significant code.

i guess there’s got to have an interface buttons to indicate to turn on the LED light and change it’s color or intensity (flashing).
3) How can the project exhibit an integrated and meaningful expression of a form of art. You can make this happen in one or more of several ways: You may draw upon historical schools/genres of art. You may create a new art form. You may apply concepts from art. You might do performance art. You might create your own art inspired by art concepts or works of other artists.

i was inspired by other gunpla builders all over the world (especially GBWC) on how amazing one kit can turn into customizing them.

With the LED light aspect of it, i’ve searched and asked fellow gunpla builders ( approximately 2 hours trying to find someone ) if they’ve installed LED light effects where they can control it and majority of them said some did but with a pre-built LED controller that you can just buy off amazon and they just stick ‘add and stick in a LED slot (or pre built)’.

4) What new coding languages or technologies would you need to learn? It is reasonable to have to learn one new tool or language. However, needing to learn too many new tools is a warning flag.

depending on what hardware i’m using (either arduino or raspberry pi) both can be run in java or python or c++; they also have built in libraries and open sources that’s available online.

5) What specialized equipment or software does the project require? Be sure that we can obtain the needed equipment.

Arduino/Adafruit/Raspberry Pi, ipad/iphone/android phone, LED lights/port.

or just on a laptop/desktop.