i’ve been talking to my friends about this gundam project and how i could integrate it as an art with a meaningful way. they told me i should start with the basics and search from there and how can i execute something to more dynamic with “feels”.
the more i looked at my models at home, i was asking myself ‘what are they missing at this point’. so i called my old engineering professor and i told him my dilemma and he just laughed at me and told me that i should build a setting.
then it finally hit me. they’re missing a ‘place’ and ‘story’, hence a diorama.
dioramas are a form of art where you create a scene with 3 dimensional figures either in miniature or as a large scale exhibit. dioramas are also used for miniture movie set used for special effects or animation just like they did in the latest animation movie, kubo.
we’ve also made a lot of dioramas back in my engineering days to physically visualize how our houses, bridges, roads, and skyscrapers would look like. we would do it first on AutoCAD and transfer it to a grid paper and start doing measurements.
by giving it a scene and story, it would give it a punch and dynamic instead of just robots with LED lights stuck into them.
in this site, Ray Anderson is actually my favorite diorama artist as he inspire me how the smallest details matter especially how he worked on small model figurines. the site also tells us how to execute a successful diorama. my favorite work from him would be ‘thin ice’
thin ice has a lot of dynamic and expressions in it as one of the indian person and horse got stuck or fell in the freezing ice water while the other three indians probably jumped or fell also as they are in mid air.
with that, it gives you a sense of story and imagination leading and asking you ‘hmm, i wonder what happened.’
since not a lot of americans or my fellow acquaintances or friends know the world of gundam, i want something like that for my project to help them understand the gundam universe. by giving them a sense of understanding and meaning on why did i chose that kind of setting and the significant about that setting will somehow give them a sense of general idea since different gundams came from different timelines and world.