i’ve asked few of my friends the paper drawn prototype i made and also i showed them a simple code of how the blinking of the LED would perform in various specific spots of the gundam. here’s the link for my JSFiddle where i coded it: https://jsfiddle.net/myulaflaga/0xptkvzw/51/

i have to take a picture of the rough sketch that did, i’ll post it wheni get home since i forgot to take a picture of it.

the first feedback i got was to possible have a sensor where it can sense what the blinking it is sending out to the viewer like a morse code. he said that i could have two gundams facing each other and with their eyes, they could be talking to each other via morse code or blinking of their LED eyes.
the second one that i got was to add LED lights also in the diorama where i could make a explosion form and on the inside is a light flare going in and out like one of those toy flame candles. he gave me few examples where it doesnt have to be explosions, it could be the stars blinking if the setting is an outer space or a garage hangar where the lights on the runway blinks before take off like in an airport.
the third feedback i got was more of a suggestion, putting them in motion. just a simple gesture of motion will make it more dynamic along with the LED lights installed in them. when he heard my second friend talked about the garage hangar and how the lights turn on before taking off, he was suggesting what if the gundam itself slides through those LED lights and it sensed it and it would turn on like a trail of light.
the last feedback was a continuation from the third feed back where she suggested instead of making a diorama, why not a dynamic background that change the setting over a period of time or when a button is pressed.
but then again, we they all talked about it without me and they made an agreement where it would be nice if there was a combination of everything: diorama along with a dynamic changing background at the back along with the sensing LED light on some parts of the area in the diorama  when the gundam itself moved in a specific spot or ( when we move it ) instead of just in a virtual user interface where would push a button and they would light up.