Write a post that describes what you learned during the prototype session.

What question(s) did you want to answer in observing / hearing reactions?

savannah’s feedback:
clear interaction between the two gundams because she didnt understand what was going on or see the clear picture of my idea.
luke’s and caroline’s feedbacks:
if it’s possible to have some kind of interaction between multiple gundams if gundam A is shooting 3x at gundam B, there would be gunshots towards gundam B and it would just complete shut down with explosions at the background while gundam C would light up as if leaping off in the midst of smoke about to attack gundam A.

What did you learn from the responses and what changes (if any) might you make as a result of the responses?

I’ve learned a little bit too much to think about to be honest; especially how to make a clear message because not all of us are visual / imaginative people whenever it comes to talking about our own ideas lacking visual examples to see the light interaction.

The art piece will still be a installation/diorama art. But the possibilities of changes that I would try to consider is what would be an appropriate interaction of the art piece to the viewer/user. I’m still debating if should just do a light show where if you pressed a single button, everything will fall in place or should i do some series of buttons like a remote controlled LED lights should have. but then again, it wouldnt have the emergent behaviour concept.

i would also make a clearer message to convey to the viewer what they’re looking at and what’s the concept is about instead of just “oh it’s just lights blinking, what’s the point?”

also, i might add some sound effects also if possible.

if emergent behaviour doesnt work out, i might change up my plans how the LED would work our in the diorama.

overall, i’m happy where my project is heading towards to.