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February 2017

february 8 update

hello everyone what's up; this is basically my presentation later on in class. i did a major turn around with my project where i'm going to abandon ship with the 'ethernet' part of the arduino and go to my second... Continue Reading →


February 2 update

guys, good news. i rode the bus today since i didnt drive and i had to beat traffic when i got to goose creek. i had 10 minutes from point a to b. i made it in time. it's about... Continue Reading →

January 30 update

Task 3: Look up diorama ideas 1 - 2 days (done) Task 4: Building & designing the diorama 3 weeks (in progress) Task 5: Building the Gundams (3x) 3 days (in progress) Ive finished task 3 as I have an... Continue Reading →

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