Task 3: Look up diorama ideas

1 – 2 days (done)

Task 4: Building & designing the diorama

3 weeks (in progress)

Task 5: Building the Gundams (3x)

3 days (in progress)

Ive finished task 3 as I have an idea what scene i’m going for. i’m going for a tropical type of scene and it will based off a feeling of a countryside in the philippines where there’s a lot of greens and palm trees with 3 mobile suit can be scouting or engaging in a fight. but i’m more interested in them scouting. but ill be looking into it more.

Diorama Ideas

I’m working on task 4 at the moment where I’ve ordered diorama pieces online and waiting for them to come in and for the mean time i’ll be buying a base board and foams at a local shop like walmart/lowes/ace hardware/home depot. and i’ll have 28 days to finish this diorama.

I’m also going to work on task 5 again because I realized that the gundams that i built weren’t too hollow enough to add the LED parts and I have to cut and do more leeways to it, so i ordered mobile suit zakus since they’re more hollow and easy to put the LEDs in them. It’s not going to take me 3 weeks to finish 3 gundams but it will take me 3 days at most straight build (i can do it on a friday, saturday, sunday). and it’s supposed to come here around tomorrow or first week of february.

 Zaku/Mobile Suit poses

in the mean time, while waiting on the parts, ill be doing some prototyping codes so i can knock off some weight off the tasks 1 and 2 and not waste time.