hello everyone what’s up; this is basically my presentation later on in class.
i did a major turn around with my project where i’m going to abandon ship with the ‘ethernet’ part of the arduino and go to my second idea which is arduino and processing.
the ethernet was just giving me a lot of problems where it wont let me connect to the ip address and all those other webServing stuff even if i put the correct address and following what the arduino.cc and other online tutorial.
it was just a disaster to the point where its giving me nightmares >_>.

processing is basically the class that professor moore taught last semester, csci/cita140 which deals with basic simplified java graphical stuff. since processing can do a lot of stuff like power up your xbox, kinect, projector, it can basically handle arduino also.


i did a small prototype with it to check if it’s working; and it does. now i need to figure out how install the leds into the gundam and how to make the lights blink or fade etc
^^task 1