Here are some of my recommended mangas for you, ill be adding more but here are some for now ❤

completed mangas:

hibi chouchou

i honestly enjoyed this manga since it was something refreshing and realistic. parang high school romance but more of a pov ng girl.

ao haru ride

i havent read this one yet but i’ve read the first couple of chapters; my friend recommended it to me and she was really into this because it has comedy, lots of drama,
and romance definitely; i guess “masakit na maganda” LOL

love so life

this one is really cute and nice and something refreshing; definitely something get you running for more cuz it’s too cute.

qq sweeper

this one is really nice kahit though it has 15 chapters.
i guess the ending was kinda like a cliff hanger cuz they’re moving the manga to another name called “queen’s quality” and i still havent seen if they have updated it or implemented it yet. but this one is really good; too good;
funny + romance and some kind of supernatural.

sp x baby

definition of a josei. body guard lady trying to make a living; cute and funny; i think you’ll like this one; scum’s wish walang wala di ne, lol


this one is the same author as qq sweeper; this one is about a girl who lost his brother and her brother made something that everyone wants. THIS MANGA MAKES ME HAPPY.
there’s still drama, kinda one sided at first; butttttt…. romance is there

kore wa koi no hanashi or this is a love story

old novelist and a young girl; what could go wrong? drama and romance; another manga my friend recommend to me;
i’m almost done with it; so far it’s a 3.5 / 5

strange dragon

this one is a fantasy manga and romance and girl power!
it’s a short one but i thought it wasnt complete yet; but it’s officially completed but the ending made me wanting more :(((

my fair neighbor

12 years gap between the girl and the boy; pero the girl likes the boy; pero boy is troubled; pero what could go wrong when they started living next to each other?