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10/24 Second Prototype Feedback

Write a post that describes what you learned during the prototype session. What question(s) did you want to answer in observing / hearing reactions? savannah's feedback: clear interaction between the two gundams because she didnt understand what was going on... Continue Reading →

CITA Prototype version 2

We will have our second opportunity to go around sharing our prototype concepts to gather feedback from one another. If you are continuing with the same idea, the second prototype should be more refined than the first one you showed.... Continue Reading →

first feedback from experts/faculty in the arts – jarod charzewski

cita project feedback from cofc faculty jarod charzewski


i've asked few of my friends the paper drawn prototype i made and also i showed them a simple code of how the blinking of the LED would perform in various specific spots of the gundam. here's the link for... Continue Reading →

9/19 first rough draft prototype

college of charleston cita project

exploring connections with art

cita project exploring connections with art


CITA 395 – ideas #2

ideas #2 - Mobile Suit Gundam LED controlled.

CITA 395 – ideas #1

ideas #1 with kinect and VR

First Post!

first post, non-introduction. just a filler.

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